Saturday, August 26, 2017

Hey, what's your soup du jour?

Tonight we dine on tracks from Horrid Red, Clan of Xymox, Second Still and more. Join me every Saturday night 10-11pm on 88.1FM WMBR in Cambridge   Listen live or via the archives at

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Hey there, swamp thing...

Back tonight with a bunch of new stuff and some old gold. Expect tracks from Second Still, Gold Class, Death bells as well as some New Order, TR/ST, and Chameleons thrown in for good measure. A whole hour's worth of songs put into a tiny little capsule just for you.

Playlist from 8/19/17 via Spotify
*Missing: Killing Time - "Lakeview Hotel"

Tune in to 88.1FM WMBR 10-11pm every Saturday night Listen live or via the archives at

Saturday, August 12, 2017


I'm back from the Big Easy and on the air tonight 10-11pm! Expect tracks from Comsat Angels, DAME, Trevor Something, Burning Palms and more.

Playlist for 8/12/17 via Spotify
Tracks unavailable:
  • DAME - Glitch - DAME S/T, Charmschool Records
  • Katzkab - New Vision - Objet No. 2
  • Red Temple Spirits - City of Millions
  • Comsat Angels - Independence Day
Full tracklist at, Listen live or via the archives at
Also, did y'all catch last week's excellent fill-in courtesy of MaGoGo? Listen here: