Saturday, April 30, 2016

What if you just didn't get out of bed and stayed under the covers listening to this sweet hour of music with me.

Mowed the lawn this weekend AND made a killer playlist for this week's show. We'll be traveling to Instanbul, France, Germany, DC, London and even Connecticut for the coldest doom and gloom you've ever heard. It's like when you wake up and your blanket shifted in the night, exposing your fragile feet to the chilly morning air. The only sweet relief is placing said icy cold toes on your warm lover. Or pet.

Monday, 5/2/16 - 7-8am
Listen live or via the archives at 88.1FM, Cambridge

Sunday, April 10, 2016

I finished my homework early.

I felt particularly inspired and got the playlist done a week ahead of time. This upcoming show will somehow take you from Dead Can Dance to UNKLE all the way into some 90s post-hardcore emo. It's Marathon Monday and I'm banking on two things:
  1. It's a holiday and you're all still in bed and asleep at 7am.
  2. Someone will forget to turn their alarm off the night before and will wake up to the song at my half-hour mark...        

Monday, April 4, 2016

Dear Crom,

This week I figured out how to play background music to cover up how nervous I am on mic. A+ Highlights from today's show include an epic intro from Conan the Destroyer, a song based on Stephen King's The Stand and a couple of Rick Picks that were quite excellent. Happy Mondays. Backpacks 4-4-16

See you next time! XO